I was an active child but my health and activity level declined in college and truly took a toll post-graduation. I was well over 50+lbs. overweight before even coming pregnant with my daughter! After having LilyAnn in June 2011, I knew something had to change.

Basically, what started as a goal of losing baby weight quickly developed into a passion for everything fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle. Since LilyAnn’s birth, I have transformed into the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally.

I want others to experience the same transformations I have over the last few years, and thus why I decided to get my Personal Trainer certification. I love being able to train at ClubWorx. My goal as a trainer is to motivate those who need that extra little “push” to start their fitness journey, and to get them excited about getting in shape and feeling great about themselves! To expand my reach, I became group instructor certified and am currently teaching Aqua Aerobics as well as personal training and leading a small fitness bootcamp.

I am currently attending Arizona State University for a B.S in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching. Please visit my back-to-school blog to read all about why I decided to go back to school!

I enjoy a variety of workouts, but my main interests are rucking, preparing for obstacle course races, strength training, and yoga. I stay busy with my internet marketing job, training/teaching at the gym, chasing LilyAnn around, and various adventures/races with the people I ruck and run with!

To read the long version of my journey, check out my first blog post!


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